A Letter to a Director, from a Student: 

           At many times in their lives, many teens feel alone, lost and even depressed.  For some teens, these feelings may even take up most of their time.  I was one of those teens.


          For the first two years of my high school career, I was confused.  I did not fit in with the group of teens that would crowd the halls during the day, nor with the groups that would crowd the movie theaters at night.  Eventually, I stopped trying.  My school days would be spent alone, if not physically, but mentally.  I would talk to no one, and run from class to class so I wouldn’t be stopped by anyone who didn’t like me, which I thought was everyone.  My nights were spent alone in my room, reading my books and not doing homework.  Needless to say, my grades suffered very much. 

          Little did I know that it wasn’t me that didn’t fit in with the school, it was the school that didn’t fit in with me.  This knowledge did not come so easily however.  It took a major emotional breakdown and placement in a treatment program to find out.  After leaving the day program, I was sent to an out of district school for my junior and senior years. 

          This school was probably the best thing that ever happened to me.  If I ever felt lost, I was among thirty-six other students who felt the same way that I did, and who let me know this.  I began to feel accepted for the first time in my life.  The teachers in my new school knew me by name and were actually glad to see me each day.  They encouraged me to talk out my problems with them and cared about what I said, as the faculty in my other school did not.  I flourished here, where the classes were small and the work was hard, but understandable.  I began to look forward to school each day, and to do my homework at night.  My grades began to rise, and with them, my spirits.  I was on the road to recovery.

          Still today, I am in this out of district school, and doing wonderful.  My grades continue to be in the A and B range.  I am happy here for the first time in my life, where I could not be in my first school.  I have friends, and I have the drive to become successful,. Because of this school, I am entering college as an education major, and perhaps as a special education major.  I want to help others as the people in this school helped me.


What students say:

"The kids here are really friendly.  The staff is warm and caring, and is always there when we need them.  I look forward to coming here every day and learning something new."

"At The Milton School, I feel as though I have finally found my place."

"We've all learned to become friends, no matter what our clothes are like, or our race or religion.  And the classes are small, which is ideal."

"At The Milton School you're accepted for who you are."

"I will always remember the students and faculty who made life at Milton worth getting up for every morning."

"Here, you're enrolled not just in school, but in a family."