September 2015

Dear Parents:

The issue of weather-related decisions to close school is one of the most challenging areas of administration.  I thought it would be beneficial to share information about the factors surrounding weather-related closing decisions with you.

The most challenging considerations are safety of the students and availability of the buses.  The Milton School does not own transportation vehicles or contract with transportation companies.  The decision to close or delay also relates to the fact that our school has students who come from long and various distances.

A decision to delay or close school is made in collaboration with a private local weather service and the school administrators.  Despite all of these elements, it remains a challenge, especially in the early morning hours.

School closing information is posted on Channel News 12 and The Milton School utilizes a telephone chain to communicate the message.

The guiding principle is the safety of the students, but invariably there might be conflicting opinions regarding weather-related closing decisions made.

If you have any questions concerning how these decisions are made, please feel to contact me.


Virgilio M. Alomar